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Area 51 Tours from Las Vegas

It is true that Area 51 does exist and is a Federal facility operated by the US Air Force. It is a testing and research area for extremely top secret equipment. No you can not get in to the area and taking photographs of the installation are prohibited. The scenic road to get there is […]

Clown Motel

The Clown Motel, located in Tonopah, is a unique overnight experience unlikely to be repeated anywhere in the USA if not the entire world. Only recently built in the 1980s. It was dedicated to the builder’s father, Clarence David, who died in the 1911 Belmont Mine Fire. Mr. David, one of 17 mine workers who […]

Marietta Wild Burro Range

Located in Mineral County, Nevada, Marietta is the Nation’s first formally recognized Wild Burro Range. The 68,000-acre range is managed for between 78-104 wild burros (Equus asinus asinus). The burros roam freely near the ruins of the historic Nevada mining town of Marietta and the seasonally changing Teels Marsh. The Marietta Wild Burro Range was […]

Lunar Crater Back Country Byway

The scenic loop (the Lunar Crater Back Country Byway) passes by the crater with a stopping point near the crater where visitors can get out to view the impressive volcanic feature. Vehicles are limited to existing roads and trails. Want to know what Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong were going through as they bounced around […]

Crescent Sand Dunes

OHV travel is limited to existing roads and trails. OHV use on un-vegetative sand areas is allowed. Camping, Picnicking and OHV travel is permitted. Crescent dunes are sand dunes with two “horns” that point away from the wind. These dunes are created by winds of different strengths that blow from the same direction and carry […]

Black Rock Lava Flow

The Black Rock Lava Flow is a segment of the Lunar Crater Back Country Byway and the Lunar Crater SRMA. Vehicle travel is limited to existing roads and trails. This Quaternary (less than 1.8 million years old) lava flow is part of the Lunar Crater volcanic field. Lunar Crater, several kilometers to the southwest, is […]

Annual Goldfield Days Celebration

The Annual Goldfield Days Celebration is a celebration of the history, culture and existence of Goldfield. Held in August each year, the festival has included: A Parade featuring classic vehicles Mining Demo Historical Tours Bed Races Beard and Mustache Contest Horseshoe contest Era Costume contest Gold Panning Poker Walk Raffles Land Auction Baked Goods Canning […]

Hawthorne Speedway

1/4 mile high bank clay Classes could include: IMCA Modifieds, Street Stocks, Hobby Stocks, Mini Stocks, Modified Minis DIRECTIONS: 0.6 MILE NE OF SR 359 IN HAWTHORNE ON US 95, THEN 0.1 MILE SE ON TRUCK ROUTE US 95, THEN 0.5 MILE EAST (PAST CEMETERY) Unable to locate any verifiable information.