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Billy Goat Peak Trail Hike

The hike to Billy Goat Peak is extraordinarily beautiful. The peak itself, at only about 5,700 feet, is not anything super special, but the views and vistas from this solitary high spot in the remote desert. The trail up to the peak is not excessively long or challenging but sections of it are rated at […]

Bauer Mine Hiking Trail

The Bauer Mine personally is of no major interest, however, the trails to and from the mine are delightful and scenic easy terrain hikes. There are two normally used routes, a 6 mile and an 11 mile hike. The mine, located in a valley, offers the hiker multiple opportunities to explore including climbing out onto […]

Gold Butte National Monument

The Gold Butte National Monument was established in 2016 by setting aside 300,000 acres to preserve it from development while also protecting the rich history of Native Americans, ranching and the pioneer spirit. The area is designated for recreational activities but also serves to protect the unique mixture of fossil dinosaur tracks, geology and wild […]

Weiser Valley Bowl Trail Hiking

Weiser Valley Bowl is part hiking trail and part off-road trail. Depending on your vehicle, you can make it farther on some roads then others. Even if unable to drive the entire section, parking the car and walking in is still a memorable trip. Weiser Bowl, aka “The Bowl,” is a bowl-shaped geological feature northeast […]