Leveling Blocks and Jacks, Tire Chocks

Assuming you bought a modern RV / travel Trailer it likely contains built in leveling systems. Your first thought is that there is no reason for you to have any other system. It is covered by what is included. And you would be wrong. Leveling jacks sometimes fail. There are seals that dry out, power systems and controls that can fail. And if it will fail, it will be the first night into a two week camping stay at a remote location fours drive from anywhere. Plus do you want to be spending your time and money while on vacation trying to get things repaired?

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You might think that a little out of balance is no big deal. Well one corner of a 30′ unit that is 2″ lower then another corner will fast become a big deal after a few days.

Plus another use for Leveling Blocks – you might get stuck and might be able to use them under the wheels of the motor home or towing vehicle to give you traction to get out. In the case of a travel trailer ‘bottoming out’ when going through a low spot, again you can simply put the leveling blocks in the depression and pull through the low spot.

Leveling Blocks

Leveling Jacks
Leveling jacks can serve the same backup purpose as the the leveling blocks. But an advantage of jacks over blocks can be they are very fine tune-able with just a twist of the jack handle. In the give and take world of RVing, jacks can be used after the trailer is parked, leveling blocks must be positioned and the trailer or RV then positioned. And if you estimated wrong, this might require a couple times on and off the blocks to get where you need to be. But leveling block spread the load over more area reducing sinking in. Jacks might require placing boards or other other material under them to keep the bases above grand level.

Even if you get stuck in a low spot entering or leaving the camping area, a leveling jack can be useful. You can raise the stuck tire up, put some dirt/rock/etc. in the hole, lower the jack and hopefully have enough ground clearance to make it out of the area. Leveling jacks can also be used sometimes for tire changing jacks, so 2 for 1 uses.

Wheel Chocks
Wheel Chocks are anti-roll blockers for tires. They are extremely useful for any vehicle you need to keep positioned in a specific place. Be it your motor home, a travel trailer, the towing SUV/pickup or even your fishing boat. Even when parked on level ground, a wheel chock system is recommended as the wind can do amazing – and damaging – things to unsecured, light weight trailers. A friend of the contributor lost a $35,000 fishing rig plus his wife’s car during a wind storm that rolled the fishing boat trailer across the yard into the car. She required him to buy a new car, would not allow him to buy a new boat.

Some wheel blocks (above) also include wheel chocks, but never discount an additional set, if not for you then for a less prepared campsite companion.

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