Category: Picnicking

Hickison Petroglyph Recreation Area

Also known as The Hickison Summit Recreation Area, this BLM managed area gives visitors the fascinating opportunity to get in front of 10,000 year old rock carvings. Petroglyphs, or rock engravings, are images typically carved into stone surfaces. They can differ from pictographs which are merely drawn onto stone surfaces. This is a fantastic place […]

South Jackson Mountains Wilderness

The South Jackson Mountains Wilderness (54,536 acres) is a special place, from the looming presence of King Lear Peak’s granite rock formations, to the juniper woodlands and rugged canyons of cottonwoods that block out the outside world and significantly enhance the opportunity for solitude. The west-facing side of the South Jackson provides many interesting and […]

Chief Mountain West Recreation Area

This recreation site provides amenities for camping and picnicking, such as restrooms, fire pits, picnic tables, and shade structures. It also is a trailhead for the Silver State OHV Trail. Situated on the west side of the Burnt Springs Range. Provides access to the 260 mile Silver State OHV Trail system. Allowed activities also include […]

Ward Mountain Recreation Area

Ward Mountain Recreation Area North and South trailheads are separately administered by the BLM and the U.S. Forest Service. A developed and newly renovated campground is located at the US Forest Service Trailhead on the South side of the Highway. Trails (20 miles) are available for hikers, bikers, cross-country skiers, and horses. Warming/rest shelters are […]

Pine Canyon Dam

This site is an Army Corps of Engineers flood control dam for the railroad. The site contains two shade structures, picnic tables, grills, fire pits, garbage cans, and vault toilets. Pine Canyon Dam is a dam located just 14.5 miles from Caliente, Lincoln County, Nevada. It is near Islen, NV. Whether you’re spinning, baitcasting or […]

Wilson Reservoir Recreation Management Area

Rolling sagebrush surrounds this scenic area that lies near the base of the majestic Bull Run Mountains. The reservoir is a popular year-round fishery for rainbow and German brown trout. Large mouth bass fishing is usually good during the summer months. Ice fishing is very popular, although vehicle access is poor and the road is […]

Goshute Cave and Goshute Canyon

Explore underground wonders in Goshute Cave and hike to bristlecone pine forests and limestone formations. Goshute Cave is a popular underground network of caves eroded into natural limestone on the eastern flanks of the Cherry Creek Range in the Goshute Canyon Wilderness Area in the Ely District, BLM Nevada. The 11-mile long Goshute Canyon Wilderness […]

Goshute Mountain Watchable Wildlife Area

Goshute Mountains funnel thousands of raptors past this site during the fall migration. Follow watchable wildlife binocular logo signs from Alternate 93 to trailhead parking. Part of this site is a wilderness study area, under consideration for federal protection. During the fall migration, the Goshute Mountains funnel thousands of raptors through this site. Follow the […]