12 Volt Cooking

My initial traveling around the USA was pre the conveniences of today’s 12 Volt DC appliances. It was also in the 1980s. Back then you had an ice chest you put ice in and drained the water from it during the day as it melted. There was no way to heat or cook meals on the road. If you wanted to have hot food, you found a restaurant, fast food place or other such outlet. AT the time, I worked remote locations on mountain tops or ranches an hour or more from the nearest town.

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In the early 2000s I drove a truck briefly and they were just starting to come out with ‘coolers’ that could plug into the cigarette lighter outlet and cool without ice or keep items warm, but not really cook them. And if you you put soda’s or something in it that were room temperature warm, it would take most of the day to cool them off and then never to refrigerator cold. You could add some ice initially to help chill them.

Now things are much more convenient to travel and have control over your food preparation and the ingredients in them. Depending on what you are traveling in, you can have anything from simple food warmers/chillers (much more efficient then those 20 years ago, to even simple water heaters/coffee makers, frying pans and even slow cookers.

Today’s travelers even f or a few hours to a family gathering can have many conveniences available to keep food warm or cold until they arrive to even doing some final cooking on location.

Truck drivers are certainly benefiting from available items. Being force to eat meals in truck stops that are expensive and unhealthy. Even being able to make their own coffee and enjoy something not bitter or full of acids from sitting on the burner for hours.

RVers and motor home travelers can also benefit from the modern amenities. Even if the motor home has a refrigerator and a gas stove, the expanded options including slow cookers and food warmers will be a gift around the camp ground. Most RV stoves are small and can only cook one or two items at a time. With a food warmer, you can cook an item, put in warmer to stay ready to eat while cooking some more of the meal.

If you are interested in more details, please take a look at some of the items below for ideas for your cooking on the road options.

May you have many safe and happy travels.

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Courtesy S. Ward – Mount Charleston, near Las Vegas