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City – A massive, 1.5-mile-long art sculpture built

Described as a display featuring and merging multi-cultural styles, practices and construction including Egyptian as well as pre-Columbian cities in Central and South America.   Originally funded and created by artist Michael Heizer.   Access is permitted strictly by advance reservations – currently being booked months in advance. Reservations are available via the foundation’s website: […]

Clown Motel

The Clown Motel, located in Tonopah, is a unique overnight experience unlikely to be repeated anywhere in the USA if not the entire world. Only recently built in the 1980s. It was dedicated to the builder’s father, Clarence David, who died in the 1911 Belmont Mine Fire. Mr. David, one of 17 mine workers who […]

California Trail Center

If you’ve never visited us at the California Trail Interpretive Center in Elko, you might be asking yourself, “What is the California Trail?” Many people have heard of the Oregon Trail, but the California Trail also spanned across the western United States and brought travelers face-to-face with their destinies – some ending in good fortune, […]

Panaca Heritage Center & Museum

The museum displays antiques and historical documents from the oldest town in Eastern Nevada. This includes items from the early pioneer settlers as well as more recent items from the first half of the 20th century. The Panaca Heritage Center committee is raising funds in order to open the museum on a regular schedule. To […]

Lincoln County Historical Museum

The Lincoln County Historical Museum is full to the brim with documents and artifacts from one of the most storied histories in the Western U.S. Peruse relics from Pioche’s mining heyday as well as antiques dating back to Lincoln County’s wild west roots.


Goldfield, Nevada – worlds greatest gold camp We are dedicated to bringing to you, the treasures of our town. Goldfield, located in Esmeralda County is 26 miles south of Tonopah and 180 miles north of Las Vegas on US Highway 95. Visitors will get a sense of what it was like to live in gold […]

The Central Nevada Museum

he Central Nevada Historical Society is dedicated to preserving the history of Nye & Esmeralda counties through our displays and research library made available to the public at the Central Nevada Museum in Tonopah, Nevada. Our rich history, which includes mining, ranching, and life in the Wild West is presented in our small, but well […]

Tonopah Historic Mining Park

The underground tunnel features a walk down a mine tunnel that intersects one of the original discovery stopes. Named the Burro Tunnel, the “Underground Adventure” is not for the faint of heart! At the end of the tunnel, visitors are able to step into a steel viewing cage and look down the 500′ deep stope. […]