Eating on the road

Before eating while traveling was limited to road side diners or cold sandwiches from an ice filled cooler. A critical problem in the older days was a limited selection, high prices and unhealthy options. As more and more people are paying close attention to their diet habits and limiting some of the unhealthy stuff they consume, more control over dining while traveling is warranted.

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Modern conveniences allow for actual cooking while traveling. Discussed in other sections for more detail are 12V DC appliances which can used in your car – sometimes while driving, others at least parked on the the side of the road.

Dining in roadside diners and fast food remain options but other opportunities are now available. If you have a Motor Home, RV or travel trailer, you also have the option of having access to stoves, ovens, microwaves and even more 12VDC and 120VAC appliances.

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