Traveling with Pets

Pets are an ingrained part of most people’s lives. Pets often become more then just family, but the focus of many people’s family life. For singles or couples without children their pets become their kids. Once couples have reached the age where the kids are all grown and out of the house, even with their own kids, pets may play an even bigger part of daily activities. As a result seldom will the couple hit the road that the pets do not travel along, especially if the pets are cats or dogs.

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This of course makes for more challenges. If traveling by car, eating in restaurants and staying in motels are more common. Many such establishments have restrictions on allowing dogs and cats into their premises. Depending on the time of the year traveling with pets in cars can also be very dangerous with cars/trucks interior temperatures reaching extremely high degrees in a matter of minutes without air conditioning. Numerous states and local municipalities have also enacted laws prohibiting the leaving of pets unattended in vehicles – even if the engine is running.

It is also important to plan your trip with extra time for rest breaks and water/food. Unlike people, including children, pets can not tell you when they need to have a potty break. Or when they are hungry or thirsty. There may be signs but if you are paying attention to the road and the scenery, you might not notice the signs your special friend is giving off. This complete food/water carrying and feeding solution may be ideal for your travels, even for day trips. It even has a should strap for use on hikes and sight seeing.

At home, they might have a water dish and/or a food bowl always at the ready. They get thirsty – they take a drink. Confined to a car where the water is not available instantly, they might suffer from dehydration which could make them ill or even result in serious bodily damage such as kidney failure.

Another concern the parents must take concerning their newest children is that again many jurisdictions have requirements that the dog or cat be restrained in a carrier or some form of harness. Even if not required, it is certainly a safety concern. Plus, what fun is it for the pet to sit way down in the seat with no view of the passing sights – so a carrier that allows the smallest of them to see out while riding in padded comfort may seem like spoiling them – but that is what they are for.

And just as you would plan an emergency first aid kit for yourself and other people, pets should also have their own first aid kit, like this one{#ad}.

I will discuss more about each of these and other subjects in other posts. Traveling with pets might require more thought and planning but speaking from personal experiences, it also more enjoyable.

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Courtesy T. Turner – Cactus Sunrise