Fishing – The Basics and Beyond

Fishing can be a hobby or a survival skill. As I personally do not fish, I can offer no great insightful wisdom. Take a look at some of the book titles and consider one or more of them for more information. And as always, check the local fishing regulations. Even adjacent states can have different seasons, catch restrictions and other differences. Know where you are and your local laws. Most bait and tackle shops will have licenses for sale and also free information booklets. Plus many employees are avid outdoors people and love to share their knowledge and wisdom.

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Many fathers and their children have bonded over the quiet and relaxing time on the water (the shore or in a boat) taking the time to discuss life and life’s challenges. IN the fast paced life that is common in today’s society, taking a day out of the month to be with family with no distractions will greatly increase your quality of life. Fishing is an expensive hobby to start by getting fishing licenses for everyone and a few starter poles/tackle set ups. Many states also offer ‘free fishing weekends’ where no license is required. Borrow a pole and kit from a neighbor and give fishing a tryout for free. You might like it more then you thought you would.

See also Eating and Foraging for Survival for information on survival tactics then trapped in the wilderness.

Reading about fishing might seem like a boring past time, well it can be. But it is also a great way to learn the fastest and safest way. Plus it can save you a lot of trial and error – plus frustration – on the water. A wise fisherman once said “there is a difference between fishing and catching fish”. You don’t need to read a lot of books or even every page of one book. But taking the time to read and learn some basics can greatly enhance your initial tips to the water with pole in hand.

Poles and Rods
Below are some basic entry level fishing pole and rod/reel kits to get started with. Some come with a few lures and accessories. As you expand your fishing skills you can consider upgrading to a more advanced kit as listed in the following section.

Equipment & Sets

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