I don’t know the exact history of the Class-C motor home/RV but it clearly was the marriage of a cargo van front end (with driver’s area) and a camper. Because that is basically what they boil down to being. While some early models featured a pick up front end, most now in production and available on the resell market are the van style.

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The Toyota Chinook camper built on a re-enforced Toyota pickup frame was an early popular Class-B that started appearing on the roads in the 1970s. They are still popular today with many in good condition in high demand. There were also many different floor plans produced including some with ‘pop-up’ tops that could be lowered when driving to reduce the overall wind resistance and then raised when parked to add 6″ to 18″ of additional head room.

Like in all other flavors of travel trailers, motor homes and RVs, the menu of available options is comparable to a Las Vegas mega buffet. As short as 12-15′ to as long as 30′. With no slideouts to multiple slide outs. Sleeping six to sleeping 10, maybe more. Amenities comparable to a house or basic along the lines of camping on steroids. Class-Bs could be the most popular of the motor homes / self powered RVs available, but I am checking any specific database – just based on what I see in people’s yards and on the highways.

With lots of available storage and the larger ones capable of towing small trailers with bicycles and motorcycles or even some light weight cars, a Class-B can become the perfect base camp for a weekend get away with the family or a two week back country hike with friends. Many well used and older models are often sold as Hunters/Fishermans specials.

Below are some reference material so you consider transitioning to a motor home/RV lifestyle. Some of the information is keyed towards the full time, some of it more basic for the weekend user. The more research you do before purchasing an unit, the better your decision will be regarding the unit you purchase. Knowledge is power – never stop learning.

These examples of Class-C motor homes / TVs are a some of the larger more luxurious ones. There are larger and fancier with multiple slide outs and smaller more basic ones without slideouts and fewer amenities. Make you purchase based on your needs, not your wants and on your budget, not your desires.

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