Dog & Cat Feeders/Bowls

When traveling, it is important that your 4 legged friend still have regular and proper diets. You might cheat a little more in drive thru fast food and roadside diners, but those foods are not good for them. Not good for people a lot of times either, but we can make our own choices. Our pets can only eat what we give them.

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Also, while we can reach over and grab a water bottle of cup of coffee anytime we want, a dog or cat is at your mercy. The size of your travel companion will dictate some of your options. Many of the examples I list below could work with large or small pets. Some might be better for one or the other. A few could be used at home or on the road. Choosing one that works well for both could save the expense of having to purchase different ones for each.

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Courtesy T. Turner – Rocky trails