This site is dedicated to non-casino entertainment and activities through out the Silver State. Many people view Nevada as only Las Vegas or maybe Reno. And they view Las Vegas and Reno as only gambling, drinking and partying. The Silver State is much more, so very much more and this website is dedicated to helping people learn more about living in and enjoying the State of Nevada. From spectator to participant. From educational to enlightenment. Nevada recreation runs a gambit of outdoor activities to indoor events.

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As you explore this site for things to enlighten your adventures, allow your mind to expand to the possibilities that the 36th State offers to the full time resident and the part time visitor.

Events and activities may be listed in numerous ‘Activity Categories’ and sub-categories. I.E. Red Rock Canyon will be in Southern Nevada {Where}, All Year {When}, Hiking {outdoor}, picnicking {outdoor}, horseback riding (BYOH-Bring Your Own Horse) {outdoor}, and National Rec Area {Parks}. Also, check the Upcoming Events Calendar for Single Day or Weekend Only Events. These are not always listed in the Activities Directory.

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Pictures below are provided by contributors or supporters of this website. If you are interested in sharing your pictures of Nevada, please drop us a note.

Courtesy S. Ward – Mount Charleston, near Las Vegas