The Class-B motor home is the pop-up camper/small tow-able equivalent in the self propelled RV motor home class. Originally the Class-B was called a Camper-Van or Van-Camper Conversion because many times that was they were, a van converted by the owner or by a shop that specialized in converting empty vans to camper units. Major manufactures soon realized the potential and started offering them as factor originals. Once that happened, the features, luxury and amenities skyrocketed. The typical Class-B will contain sleeping, storage, a mini-refrig, sink and cabinet space plus a cookstove. Larger or upgraded unit\s may include a toilet and/or a shower. Of course most commercially produced units include Fresh Water storage, grey water storage and black water storage if applicable.

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The most notable key difference that may distinguish a Class-B from a Class-C, is that the Class-C has sleeping/storage over the driver’s seats. When picking between a Class-B and Class-C, focus more on the floorplan and amenities you want, not a designation.

Often not much larger then a small cargo van or 10-14 passenger van, the Class B offers the very basics of amenities, but don’t confuse the small size with lack of versatility, function or cost. They offer limited sleeping from as little as only two or four to maybe six. Some larger ones might accommodate eight or more. A small sized Class-B is most appealing to a single person or a couple (retired or yet very young) with no kids. Once the little ones are added to the mix, they start to get extremely cramped. Some being no larger then a normal passenger van can be parked in normal parking spaces at grocery stores, restaurants, etc, requiring no extra space farther from the doors.

New Class-Bs can reach over $100,000 while some decent used ones can be $8,000 to $15,000, depending on market and location you are shopping. Because of low prices on smaller, slightly older units (20-25 years) demand can be fierce for them with many selling quickly. So if shopping for one – check your sources often. Here today – gone tomorrow is very possible.

A Class-B has the advantage of being completely self contained. It has it’s own engine so you do not need to have a suitable towing vehicle and most people that can drive a large SUV or small moving truck will be right at home behind the wheel of one. The biggest problem for driving is the larger size in height and length making it more susceptible to cross wind forces.

Most internal appliances that are electric powered are either 12VDC or 12VDC/120VAC dual powered. Being 12V DC they will are already wired into the unit’s electrical system so there is less fuss and mess trying to rig up a power source from for truck or SUV.

Below are some recommended reading material as you begin your quest into the RV / Motor Home adventures. Be it part time or full time living, knowledge is power.

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