Area 51 Tours from Las Vegas

It is true that Area 51 does exist and is a Federal facility operated by the US Air Force. It is a testing and research area for extremely top secret equipment. No you can not get in to the area and taking photographs of the installation are prohibited. The scenic road to get there is worthy of a few shots however.

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Pickup and drop off at your motel is possible. The tour starts with a the infamous Janet Airlines at McCarran International Airport which transports workers to and from Las Vegas and Area 51. Just getting to Area 51 is an adventure worthy of the trip itself. You will travel through a desolate, uninhabited and incredibly scenic desert. The trip will include lunch at Little A’le’ Inn, visiting unusual Indian Petroglyphs which are thousands of years old, a strange Mutant Joshua Tree forest.

Arriving at the parameter to Area 51 you will already have been photographed and monitored long before you arrive and at the gate you will be warned to not enter, take pictures or venture anywhere you should not. Extremely armed guards will sit on a nearby hillside and looking through their blackened out windows, will monitor your every move. Sometimes you will see them. Sometimes you will not. They are not friendly and while you can wave at them, they do not wave back. They are not close enough to talk to and attempting to talk to them by getting closer is extremely and highly not recommended. For every one you see, there are many more not far away. Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas also provides air support assistance. The area is an absolute no fly zone.

At the world famous Little A’le’ Innyou will find a wealth of information and souvenirs on this top-secret area. Captain Chuck Clark, an ex-air force captain, has written an amazing and very interesting in depth report on Area 51, which is also available for purchase. This location has been host to numerous documentaries and movies including “Independence Day.”

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Courtesy T. Turner – As far as the eyes can see