Tempiute Ghost Town

There are actually two Tempiute mining areas. One referred to as Old Tempiute which produced silver in the 1860s and {new} Tempiute which was involved in mostly tungsten productions in the 1930s, -40s and -50s.

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Tempiute is a more recent ghost town in a state filled with many ghost towns over 100 years old. Initially silver was discovered on the south slope of the Tempiute Mountain about 1865 resulting in a small mining camp springing up to support the mining. This area is referred to by purists as Old Tempiute. As new discoveries were made the tiny camp grew to a population of almost 50. It briefly had a post office. But a lack of water hindered both the mining and life in general with water having to be brought in from the lower valley area. By 1883 or 1884, most of the miners had decided to look for other opportunities.

The area remained basically abandoned and tungsten was discovered in the mid 1910s on the north side of the mountain. Beginning in 1930, mining on a small scale of the tungsten began. Large scale mining did not really start until The Lincoln Mines Company built a nearby mill in 1940. The mine continued to produce tungsten until after WWII, but started declining over the next five to six years.

In early 1950s the price of tungsten again started to increase and a New York based importer and trading company reformed the district as the Black Rock Mining Company. Mining operations were robust until 1956, with the areas’ population reaching 700 and even sported a school. In 1957, again the prices for tungsten dropped and the mill was closed. Shortly thereafter the town was abandoned.

Little remains of the settlements and mining operates today. There are interesting foundations of stone cabins and even a few mine shafts. Most 2 wheel drive vehicles can reach the foundations if they have sufficient clearance and there have been no recent rains. Four wheel drive might be necessary in some limited situations.

To access the mines area you will be required to wake a moderately steep uphill hike of less then one mile. The town site offers spectacular views of the town of Rachel and the valley below.

Do Not Under Any Circumstance Enter Any Mine Shaft – ever.

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Courtesy S. Ward – at Shriner’s Open