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Eureka, Nevada

Eureka was originally settled by silver prospectors from the nearby settlement of Austin. Nearby being a relative term as Austin is 70 miles away, one hour in today’s modern car, but much longer in 1864 on foot and horseback. Ely, the next settlement of measure is Ely, 77 miles to the east. Duckwater is 46 […]


Lovelock, incorporated in 1917, serves as the county seat for Pershing County, Nevada. It was a principle stop for settlers on their way to California, later becoming a a train depot. The foundation of Lovelock occurred in 1868 when the Central Pacific Railroad laid track through the settlement. The historic town is known for its […]

Eureka Opera House

Built in 1880 and recently restored, the Eureka Opera House today functions as a Convention, Cultural Arts and Meetings venue. When it opened it provided the town of Eureka an elegant event location for plays, masquerade balls, dances, operas, concerts plus other social and civic events. With the introduction of the movies in 1915, the […]

Hickison Petroglyph Recreation Area

Also known as The Hickison Summit Recreation Area, this BLM managed area gives visitors the fascinating opportunity to get in front of 10,000 year old rock carvings. Petroglyphs, or rock engravings, are images typically carved into stone surfaces. They can differ from pictographs which are merely drawn onto stone surfaces. This is a fantastic place […]

Shoshone OHV Trail System

The Shoshone OHV Trail System has approximately 50 miles of maintained OHV routes for vehicles less than 50 inches wide. Both motorcycles and 4-wheel operations are permitted. The trail system is open all year, however snow and mud inhibit access during the winter and wet seasons. For optimal conditions and to minimize disturbance of wildlife, […]

South Jackson Mountains Wilderness

The South Jackson Mountains Wilderness (54,536 acres) is a special place, from the looming presence of King Lear Peak’s granite rock formations, to the juniper woodlands and rugged canyons of cottonwoods that block out the outside world and significantly enhance the opportunity for solitude. The west-facing side of the South Jackson provides many interesting and […]