Category: Rock Climbing

South Jackson Mountains Wilderness

The South Jackson Mountains Wilderness (54,536 acres) is a special place, from the looming presence of King Lear Peak’s granite rock formations, to the juniper woodlands and rugged canyons of cottonwoods that block out the outside world and significantly enhance the opportunity for solitude. The west-facing side of the South Jackson provides many interesting and […]

South Fork Owyhee River Recreation Area

The South Fork Owyhee River flows north through the Owyhee desert, joining the river’s East Fork in southwestern Idaho. River-running in rafts and kayaks through the steep-walled canyon is the most popular recreational activity from late March through early June. The South Fork Owyhee River enters Idaho from the north enclosed within a 550 foot […]

Black Rock-High Rock Emigrant Trails National Conservation Area

Spectacular scenic opportunities abound in one of the largest and flattest alkaline playas in the United States. The Playa is a now-dry remnant of ancient Lake Lahontan; it is 44 miles long (oriented north-south), and averages 7 miles in width. Opportunities for solitude are considerable. A variety of interesting geologic features dominate the landscape. The […]

Pine Forest Recreation Area

The Pine Forest Range, in northern Nevada’s arid Great Basin, is a rare and exceptional area of abundant streams and clear, cold subalpine lakes. Nestled in a cirque and fed by snowmelt and springs, these lakes are not only visually stunning but also possess an excellent trout fishery. The lakes are surrounded by a rare […]

Big Rocks Wilderness Area

The Big Rocks Wilderness Area encompasses the southernmost portion of the North Pahroc Range. The topography of the area includes steep-sided mountains, several canyons and a section of large, jumbled boulders known as Mecca by the rock-climbing community. The entire area provides excellent opportunities for solitude among the boulder field, along the steep ridgeline, or […]

Red Rock Canyon Campground

Overview Red Rock Canyon’s standard, RV, and group campsites are located in the stunning Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, an approximate 20 mile drive from “The Las Vegas Strip.” Visitors enjoy hiking, rock climbing, bike riding and scenic driving in this unique Mojave Desert environment. Recreation The Red Rock Scenic Drive & Visitor Center […]

Las Vegas Mountaineers Club

The club, founded in July 1994, was established by a dedicated group of individuals who shared a common love of the mountains with a a desire to share their experience and knowledge with others. Members include hikers, climbers, backpackers and mountaineers; from beginner to the seasoned veteran. Club Activities Club members have led and participated […]