Shoshone OHV Trail System

The Shoshone OHV Trail System has approximately 50 miles of maintained OHV routes for vehicles less than 50 inches wide. Both motorcycles and 4-wheel operations are permitted. The trail system is open all year, however snow and mud inhibit access during the winter and wet seasons. For optimal conditions and to minimize disturbance of wildlife, use is recommended from July 1 st through November 30th.

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Camping is allowed at the OHV Trailhead. Dispersed camping is allowed throughout the Shoshone. Developed camping is provided at the Mill Creek Recreation Site six miles north of the Red Rock Road. Trailhead Parking Area.

The trail system, opened in 2010, has beginner and and intermediate skill level loops. There is no fee for camping or for use but there are also no amenities except for vault toilet. You will need to bring your own water/supplies and to take your trash back out with you.

The access road has tight turns and is twisty so longer trailers are advised against – unless you are extremely experienced pulling trailers in remote areas. If you get hung up, help is far away and could be very pricey to have them assist you.

OHV Stickers:
Nevada registration is not required IF the vehicle is registered in another state AND will not be located in Nevada for more then 15 days. Spark Arresting Exhaust is required and strictly enforced.

Permitted vehicles include ATV/OHV, dirt bikes, SUVs, Dune Buggies/Sand Rails. Rangers and law enforcement officers patrol the area including enforcing shooting restrictions and spark arresters rules.

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Courtesy S. Ward – Inside Lehman Caves