The Little A’Le’Inn

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Pat (the owner) has been in business for over 25 years providing food, lodging, and a friendly staff to make your visit a pleasant one. We hope you enjoy your time spent with us. We have entertained visitors from all over the world. We love to meet new people and make new life friends as we have done over the many years. We hope you are to be one of those new visitors and friends in the very near future.

Pat and Connie, along with the staff at the Little A’Le’Inn, would like to welcome you and we hope to see you soon.There are many things to do here and plenty of trouble to get into if you do not read the warning signs posted near Area 51.

We have maps, all sorts of alien goodies to sell, and other items so we can help you find your way around this vast oasis. Again, should you have questions be sure to ask us or use the “contact us” link at the bottom of each and every page.

Make certain to check out our events page so you can make arrangements to be here when the really fun stuff is going on. Until then, stay safe and healthy.


The Little A’Le’Inn has everything you would expect. A dining experience, motel rooms, gift shop, tours to Area 51 (no you don’t get to go in) and special events. See website for more information.


Pets are welcome in some rooms and RV slots are also available with limited amenities.


When visiting the area always be alert for you never know what you might see of hear. Somethings have explanations – somethings do no.


There are no gas/oil options in Rachel, so fill up in Alamo or Tonopah depending on where you are coming from. Also stock up on snacks, bottled water and check your spare tire to make sure it is aired up.


A special word of caution about driving in the area. This is open range cattle area. You might want to look around and assume the road is clear in front of you, but a 1,000 pound cow being hit by your car will seriously do more then scratch the paint.



Pictures below are provided by contributors or supporters of this website. If you are interested in sharing your pictures of Nevada, please drop us a note.

Courtesy T. Turner – The desert blooms