Pioche, Lincoln County, Nevada

Pioche was originally settled in 1864 with the discovery and mining of Silver nearby. Local Indian Tribes started to raid the settlement convincing most of the settlement to be abandoned. However, in 1868, settlers and miners returned to the area.

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By 1870, the town had developed into a larger and extremely important silver mining asset for the State of Nevada. The area produced both Silver and Nickel ore. An aerial tramway carried buckets of ore from the mines to the mill for processing. Some sections of cables and a few buckets remain and offer great photographic opportunities as well as many historic buildings in town. Most buildings are privately owned and not available for tours.

Located on on US93, between Las Vegas to the south and Ely to the north, the town serves as both a historical visit and an important rest stop for tired travelers needing food, fuel and a rest break.

Boot Hill, a local landmark immortalizes the approximately 70 men killed in gun battles mostly over mining claim boundary disputes or down right theft of mining claim rights. It is rumored (unconfirmed by Nevada To Do) that 72 men died in gunfights before the first natural death was recorded in the mining camp. Lioche is also home to the famous Million Dollar Court House. See separate posting on this website.

Pioche is home to several annual attractions especially during Labor Day Weekend. There is also a major public Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony in December. Like many historic Nevada towns, the area is filled with old buildings and many interesting sight seeing opportunities.

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