Hiking Lone Mountain

Lone Mountain is an isolated and rocky butte in Northwest Metro Las Vegas. It provides a variety of hiking trails of different trail classes including Class 2, Class 3 and Class 4. Depending on the route selected, trails can include segments of all three.

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Lone Mountain has two trail heads – East and West, both accessible from West Alexander Road near the 215 West Beltway.

While Lone Mountain is a popular destination for local hikers, it is also a major scenic lookout for visitors. Easy to get to and considered an easy hike by many people, never over estimate you own abilities.

A Standard Warning:
Desert hiking carries unique risks and you should always be prepared. Select routes you are capable of handling, tell someone where you are going and when you will be back, leave no trace and take no souvenirs, (take your trash out), respect wild life, the wilderness and other people. Carry appropriate supplies including plenty of water, a map, a compass, emergency lighting (even for day trips), snacks/protein bars, an emergency whistle, signaling mirror, BIC lighter and candles, Swiss Army Knife, basic First Aid kit and protective clothing (raingear, hat, mittens, sweater). And from my time in the Army – extra socks!!! Socks are light weight and being able to change them can keep your feet dry and protected.

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Courtesy T. Turner – Big Horn Sheep