Class-A motor homes are considered by many to be the lop of the line, retiree special. Although many are owned by still working couples, it is more common to see retirees traveling down the road in a Class-A then otherwise. The common user of the Class-A are entertainers (singers, bands, comedians, etc.) using one as a ‘tour bus’.

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When it comes to luxury amenities, there are few things on wheels that compare to many high end Class-A motor homes. Some with multiple slide outs, full sized showers, built in washer-dryers and quality home style furnishings the modern Class-A truly puts the home in home on the road. If compared to 150 years ago and the days of railroads, Class-As would be the railroad owner’s private coach.

Rather then even try to discuss the amenities available, just look at the other forms of RVs – self powered and towed – and if you think there is an amenity it would be nice have, there is a Class-A to fill the want. The typical Class-A has the ability to tow a car, small SUV or even a trailer.

The downside to all this. $$$$$$. Not only is the upfront off the lot cost going to be higher, but your operating costs going down the road will be much higher and since it is a more expensive unit to buy, and thus repair after an accident, state registration/property/sales taxes and insurance are going to be higher also.

Another draw back for the weekend or occasional user for the Class-A is the larger size reduces the locations that you can park for the night, the weekend or longer. Many parks, recreation areas and even some RV campgrounds have size restrictions. Even some larger Class-Bs can run into difficulties parking in some areas. A 45′ to 50′ Class-A towing a car, even more restrictions. But when the grandkids are spread across multiple states and other retired friends have also moved away, have the freedom of everything you own in one moveable home can be appealing. Like all RVs / motor home purchases – research, research and research. Check the costs for licensing with your state, check with your insurance agent, check with other owners – even if you just drive around, see one parked and go knock on the door.

Because of the higher purchase and operating costs, the really nice Class-As become a retiree’s reward. If selling the family home as the kids are all gone and no need for the space anymore, many can purchase the motor home for cash. While the operating costs might be high, they can also be cheaper then maintaining a large fixed location home.

Some reference material you might consider as your consider this phase of your life.

Some sample pictures of Class-A motor homes. These are different units.

Some of the larger. more luxury units may include washer/dryers.

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Courtesy S. Ward – Lehman Caves, Great Basin National Park