Cooking over fire is a unique experience and should not be undertaken for the first time out in the wilderness. If you are going to start doing the camping out lifestyle with a tent or a travel trailer/motor home. Get one or more recipe books (even used) and some fire cooking utilises, including dutch ovens. The practice in the back yard – or have a friend teach you – or both

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Unlike cooking on a stove or oven, if the food is cooking to slow or to fast, there is no simple temperature adjustment. Yes you can pull some wood away from the fire or push a little more together, but with raw fire it is also a delayed reaction. And it is not subtle, anything but actually. However it can be very pleasurable and satisfying experience both to complete and to enjoy afterwards.

Before we go any farther – stop now and read the section on Campsite Fire Safety. You do not want to be responsible for a wild fire that could destroy 1,000s of acres of forest, peoples homes and lives, your own camping equipment and the equipment of people you are camping with. Plus people and animals die in fires. It is not Safety First when it comes to Campsite Fire Safety, it safety only.

The next topic for discussion is equally important as fire safety. The deeper in the back woods you might be, the more important it is. Cleaning up after yourself. Parts of this is just pure etiquette plus respect for the woods and others. Another part is personal safety. Pick up all trash immediately. Don’t say I will do it when I leave – you might be in a hurry. Clean up after yourself. This is especially important with regards to any form of food scraps/leftovers. Even cans/packages that contained food must be pickup and properly secured after every meal.

It is believed Bears the best sense of smell of any animal. The average dog’s sense of smell is 100 times better than a person’s. A blood hound, used for bred especially for tracking is 300 times better than an average dog. It is believed a bear’s sense of smell is seven times that of a blood hound’s. Giving the bear an estimated sense of smell 2,100 times better than a human’s. That tiny piece of raw burger you dropped might attract a hungry mommy bear with cubs from a mile or more away – especially depending on the winds. Drop it – pick it up now.

Okay, now that I have dampened your enthusiasm in camp site cooking, maybe I can warm it back up some. Campfire cooking is normally done in three basic forms. Over a grill or other exposed medium, in a dutch oven or in foil. Each will be broken down more in their own sections including some simple and easy to complete recipes.

Below are some basic books and campsite cooking accessories to review to help you decide on for your camping supplies.


Fire Pit Cooking Accessories

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