Boats and Watercraft

Not everyone that likes to go camping is interested in hiking and walking the back country. Many are in to water activities – namely boats and watercraft or fishing. Or both. Some resorts where you can park your RV set up you can also rent boats. Or you might have camping buddies where one family brings the boat and another brings a travel trailer. This means one family does not have to pay for both but everyone gets some enjoyment out of each.

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Should you want to take your own boat, you have a couple options. If you have a motor home, it is much simpler to tow a boat, jet skis or maybe a small cargo trailer with inflatables plus other beach/water sport toys. Some states do allow a ‘triple’ with a boat towed behind a travel trailer tower behind a properly GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) SUV or pickup truck. Others you will have to check the rules. And towing a triple is extremely complicated and dangerous. It should not be undertaken lightly or casually. Think long and hard before you try it and get training from someone who has done it before. Or buy a motor home and just tow the toys.

Now we are going to try and sell you a boat, but we are interested in discussing some safety issues and some types of boats. Buying a boat is much like buying a pair of shoes. You really should go try on a couple different ones. The great thing about most boating people – they are sociable people. If driving around and you see a style of boat parked in someone’s drive or yard, stop and talk to them. Ask about why they bought that style, that brand, that size. One important hint – make sure you are not on the way to pick up the kids, you will never make it. I have yet to met a boat owner that can talk for under an hour about ‘their’ boat.

If you have never actually operated a boat, you should strongly consider a course available either from the US Coast Guard Auxiliary (USCG-Aux) or your local boat dealer. Once you hit the water, you may be under several different law enforcement jurisdictions. For example, Lake Mead located between Nevada & Arizona you may be subject to: National Park Service rules, Nevada Department of Wildlife, Arizona Game and Fish Commission and US Coast Guard Auxiliary.

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Courtesy T. Turner – Desert flowers in bloom

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