Weather Forecasting and Radios

If there is a sure sign that a beautiful day will turn weather-wise sour in a matter of minutes, it is to plan and daylong hike into the wilderness. Nothing says ‘If it can go wrong, it will go wrong’ like being miles from shelter and safety when the storms come from nowhere. And when in the mountains, a normally sunny day can turn in a matter of minutes as winds drive a storm front up the side of the mountain causing the moisture to condense into rain or snow – or ice.

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Times like these are when being prepared can result in walking out even if wet or cold over being carried out. Not being qualified to teach or discuss weather, this section will resort to providing links to (a) weather radios and (b) how to read weather signs when you are on a hike. Weather Radios will include to different classes of radios. Those that are bigger and balkier, best suited for base camp and your safety equipment and small portable ones that at least one member of a hiking party should have with them to check every hour or so for updates.

Books, Training and References

Base Camp

Back pack sized

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