Camping out and roughing it.

As you travel and explore Nevada or any US state, you will find many opportunities for camping out. Nevada has many camp ground that are classified as primitive – no modern facilities. Some campgrounds have hook ups and parking places for motor homes and campers. (Please remeber the rule: Pack it in, Pack it out. Take your own trash out with you.) Personally, I had enough camping out in the Army. However for many people they would camp out every weekend and many week days.

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If you are new to camping out, especially the more primitive means and methods – for example NOT in a 35′ 5th Wheel Camper, you will want to spend some time reading and learning. There are many free websites on the the internet, including this one, which can give you some basic guidance. However in the end you will want to take the time to learn more in depth by either reading more inclusive subject books or joining a camping group.

Camping and hiking groups may be more formal with meetings, trainings, newsletters and more. They may or may not have membership dues/fees. Or the group may be a little more informal consisting of people with a mutual interest that have banded together to share knowledge and even equipment. Not everyone is going to make every hike/outing, so why should everyone buy all the same stuff. Plus some items like 2-way radios, personal locator beacons, etc., not everyone in the group needs their own when hiking together so why should everyone spend money on these extras.

Please take a look around this site and read more about the specific subjects you want to explore. We discuss travel trailers and motor homes, to tent camping to wilderness survival, campsite cooking and much more. Plus new subjects are added on a regular basis.

If you have experience you would like to share, please contact us. We will consider your post and will grant you credits and rights of ownership if you desire. If you have a subject you would like to see included for others, let us know. We will find someone in our database to provide the information.

Pictures below are provided by contributors or supporters of this website. If you are interested in sharing your pictures of Nevada, please drop us a note.

Courtesy S. Ward – Northern Nevada Railroad, The Ghost Train